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Monday, January 16, 2012

Annual Meeting Report

The Annual Meeting of the 2nd SC Regiment was held Sunday, Jan. 15 at Cowpens. Highlights of the meeting included the election of Board members, approval of the event calendar for 2012, and a discussion of dues/fees collected for various activities and memberships. The new calendar is posted on the website; more info will be sent as each event approaches. The Board members for this year are:

President - Zack Pace
V-P for Events - Bob Hoskins
V-P for Finance - Jeff Fowler
Secretary - Chris Puckett
Treasurer - Sarah Hoskins
Regimental Commander - Erick Nason
Horse Commander - Daniel Murphy

A big thank you to Henry McMillan, Bert Puckett, Jonathan Nutter and Stephanie Nutter for your service on the Board this past year.

From a fee standpoint, bowl inspection was set at $15 per adult per full event; it will be adjusted as usual by Chris Puckett for single day attendees and kids. Annual dues are $25, but will probably be raised a bit, again pending a vote at the Guilford event. Feel free to send in your $25 now (and pay a bit more after Guilford), or you can wait until the final amount is set that weekend.

The Bylaws are undergoing a revision, and discussion/approval was tabled until Guilford. Copies of the old and new versions will be sent to the membership shortly. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website shortly.