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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Split Shirt Instructions Posted Online

Some of you have noted that the website hosting the split shirt (aka hunting shirt) instructions we use has been down for a while. Fret no longer: I have taken an archived version of the web page and put it into a word document, which is now available on the "Members" page of the 2nd SC website. It also has a few specifications for our shirts, noted in red lettering. The only thing missing is the pattern for the cape, which I will have posted soon.

The "Members" page is password protected. I will email the password to the membership, but it's the same password we used on the members section of the old website.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in the 1st Regiment

"Orders by Col. Pinckey, Decemr. 25th 1777 - Parole: Christmas

The Col. wishes a happy Christmas to ye Officers & Men, but hopes The Decent Festivity which he admits this day will not be Debased, by the latter, by Drunkness or Disorderly behaviour, and if it Should he will be under Necessity of debaring them from any Indulgence, on a futur Occasion - For Guard tomorrow Capt. Saunder, Lts. Gadsden & Glover - "

"South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine", ed. A.S. Salley. Charleston: SC Historical and Genealogical Society, Vol. 7 (1906), p. 130.

Williamsburg Ideas - Erick Nason

Walter McIntyre has requested that we could use some ideas on how to improve the scenarios in Williamsburg that can keep the event interesting, and keep the reenactors coming in. We had only 80 muskets at the last Williamsburg, the trend appears to be decreasing in the number of reenactors.

Here are some ideas I came up with:

The Spies: 2-3 reenactors or Williamsburg players who have good civilian clothes and can play the part, will be Loyalists collecting information on the Army to bring to Cornwallis. The idea is to have the Williamsburg people let the tourists know to be on the lookout for "suspicious activities" and to report it to the guards. The Guards will also have to be on the lookout for these people-which may mean a roving patrol along with the normal guard postings. This will be a catch and release program so it can go all day.

Rounders Game: Have Pat and the 2nd NC sponsor a rounders game to demonstrate how the Army relaxed

Drill Competition: Have the units really demonstrate the drill, and be judged by the crowd and a panel of military judges (Reenactors and/or Williamsburg Players)

Trial: Perhaps encourage the Williamsburg people to bring back the murder/drama trial.

Unit Drama: Courts martial, pay, etc in the camp.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We need them soon though, so the
planning can begin. So I need ideas or confirmation of what I came up with
no later than January.

Erick Nason

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Items Featuring 2nd Regiment Blue Color Now Available

The 2nd Regiment is pleased to announce a partnership with FlagTshirts through, an online vendor of custom graphics items. FlagTshirts has a high-quality graphic of our Regiment's blue color, and is selling it on numerous items: shirts, sweats, mugs, steins, etc. Our blog features a red-bordered box on the left side with ads for these items. Every time someone buys one of these items by going through our website, the unit will receive a donation from Zazzle. This is a great way for the regiment to help pay for the new website with zero effort, plus the shirts with our hallowed color just look cool!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Musket Sale

Veteran Arms is running a holiday sale on their reproduction muskets. They are offering a Model 1768 French Musket for $550, which is the most appropriate muske for our impression. The also have a sweet Fusil de Chasse for $525. Check out their products at

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Buy Books Through Our Blog

Need some last-minute Christmas gifts? Books about the American Revolution and the colonial period make great gifts for reenactors. Go to our blog, find recommended books on the bar on the left; if you buy them through our webpage, the 2nd SC will get a donation from Amazon! Everyone wins!

I especially recommend the new book coming out by Carl P. Borick called "Relieve Us of this Burthen". It's the story about the American prisoners captured at the surrender of Charleston and their ultimate fate: death on prison ships, attempt to escape, or serve in the British Army. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Post on the New Blog

OK the new 2nd SC website is up and running. We had some SERIOUS issues with our service provider and have decided to rebuild the site from scratch. It was time; the old site was created in 2002, and though information had been periodically updated, the site itself was sooooo 10 years ago. So out with the old, in with the new.

The site obviously is a work in progress. I hope to have it more or less complete over the holidays, but if you know me, you know I'll constantly be tinkering with it.

The main improvement will be the replacement of our newsletter with this blog. I'm asking all the Exec Board members and members-at-large to send me info like you always have for the newsletter; I'll just post it here instead. Members can keep up-to-date in a number of ways: subscribe via email notifications, follow on Facebook/Twitter, subscribe to the RSS feed, etc. Contact me if you have any questions or difficulties.

For now, I'd REALLY like to get photos for the site. Please send me any and all good photos from the Bicentennial through this year; include approximate date, event and any people you want tagged.